Welcome to the SC Fire Academy online Learning Community.

    • Open Enrollment Academy

      SC Academy courses without registration.

      Open Enrollment Courses

      Open Enrollment Academy contains online training with certificates but without the registration. Learning is at your finger tips. Just create an account and begin to participate.
      Open Enrollment Academy

      -Emergency Response to Highway Incidents
      -Emergency Vehicle Response Awareness
      -Improving Tactical Decision-Making
      -Thinking Firefighters Do It Different

    • Firefighter Courses

      Courses for the volunteer and career firefighter.

    • Firefighter Training

      Our hybrid firefighting course combine an eLearning component with the traditional firefighting skills course, enabling firefighters to become better trained without having to leave home. We think you'll quickly see why most people love this format!

      NFPA Firefighter I
      - 1402 Hybrid Firefighter I
      - CTC Hybrid Firefighter I

      NFPA Firefighter II
      - 1403 Hybrid Firefighter II
      - CTC Hybrid Firefighter II

    • Hazardous Materials Courses

      Courses for the Hazardous Materials Responder.

    • Hazardous Materials Training

      Our Hazardous Materials courses are user-friendly and provide easy access to training! You set your own schedule and learn at your own pace. The Hazardous Materials Operations course includes instructor-lead skill sessions to complete your training.

      Hazardous Materials Awareness

      Hazardous Materials Operations

    • Officer Training

      Courses for officers, instructors, and leadership.

    • Officer Training

      The Academy's officer-level courses are designed to help aspiring leaders achieve their career goals. Plus, the added convenience of online training means that there has never been a better time to move ahead!

      Fire Instructor I

      Fire Officer I

      Fire Chief 101

      Use enrollment key FC101#2014 when prompted

    • Community Risk Reduction Education

      Courses for Public Education and Fire and Life Safety Education.

    • Specialty Training

      Public education and life safety training is key to preventing fires, knowing what to do in an emergency situation, and saving lives. Our courses are comprehensive, meaning our students complete the course confident because they know they are prepared.

      SC Fire and Life Safety Education Assoc.
      NFPA Fire Safety Resources

    • Office of State Fire Marshal

      Courses for fire prevention and fire marshals.

    • South Carolina State Fire Marshal's Office logo

      The South Carolina State Fire Marshal's Office provides training for fire inspectors and emergency responders in the state. Course content ranges from the principles of basic fire inspection to USAR instruction.

      Fire Marshal Training

      National Assoc of State Fire Marshal's Online Training

      SC State Fire Marshal's Assoc

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