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Now Available!

1424 Functional Fitness for Public Safety--Use enrollment key:FF#2018  

The Functional Fitness for Public Safety on-line class is an Awareness Program that brings all the elements of Wellness & Health together. If you or your department is at the starting stages, making changes to current policies or just need new material for existing programs, this is for you.

The emphasis will be on proper movements utilizing functional fitness and on the job tasks. Along with tutorial videos you will also obtain information on how to put Wellness Programs together with all facets of wellness, health, fitness, dietary and behavioral. This program will be the first installment of many programs to come from your SCFA and SCFFIT groups.

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: April 30, 2018

1412-Carbon Monoxide Awareness (CO) Use enrollment key 17CO#Aware

Carbon Monoxide Awareness is a new, interactive online course brought to you by SC State Fire as well as the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation. This two module course is designed to create awareness over the necessity for carbon monoxide alarms as well as what can cause carbon monoxide to emit within our homes. For First Responders, this course demonstrates the soft skills and basic knowledge needed to diagnose and contain a carbon monoxide incident at a residence.

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: April 10, 2017

1414-Photovoltaic (PV) 101 Use enrollment key- Fire#Solar

PhotoVoltaic 101 is a new, interactive online course. During the 10 short lessons, students will learn about potential hazards while working around a PV system.

Because of Photovoltaic related legislation, South Carolina will see an increase from 500 systems to more than 5,000 systems. Solar companies are working hard to make these systems safer for home owners and firefighters.

The information is this course covers current systems, and new ones being installed today. Thanks for taking the time to learn this information and we ask you to share it with a fellow firefighter. As it may save a life.

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: July 30, 2015

1410-Emergency Vehicle Response Awareness Use enrollment key- EVRA

This online course provides emergency vehicle operators, whether career firefighters in small department vehicles or volunteers in privately owned vehicles, the knowledge necessary to safely operate when responding to an emergency. No registration needed! 

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: September 14, 2012

1415-Emergency Response to Highway Incidents - Use enrollment key -ERHI 

Columbia Firefighter Chance Zobel lost his life while working on a highway in South Carolina. In his memory, the SC Fire Academy, in partnership with the Columbia Fire Dept and the SCDOT, is presenting this online self-paced course; Emergency Response to Highway Incidents. This course provides information all firefighter, officers and responders need while working in and around highways. No registration needed!

SC Fire Academy Certificate 
Transcript credit available 
Posted:  September 20, 2013

1450-Improving Tactical Decision Making - Use enrollment key -ITDM

This self-study course challenges fire officers to look at tactical decision-making differently. Fires have changed through the years but have our decision-making process? With our national partner, Underwriters Laboratories Knowledge Services, the SC Fire Academy presents this 5-hour course in an easy online format. Several required feedback sections are included to give the fire ground decision-maker the opportunity to reflect on the information. Decide for yourself; science or stories?

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: December 10, 2012


Use enrollment key:Tech#Rescue15

This online course will introduce the student to Technical Rescue and its role in the Fire and Emergency Services operations. Topics include the disciplines of tech rescue, scene size-up and control, helicopter operations, and patient care. 

This course is the prerequisite for the 3310 - Technical Rescuer.

Prerequisite: None 
Hours: 2
Posted: November 17, 2015