Change to Class Registrations

The SC Fire Academy hosts a number of National Fire Academy classes through direct delivery or hand-off classes.  Effective October 1, 2012, a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID) is required when registering for a NFA course or applying for a SCFA class that is under the FEMA grant category. Lists of the affected classes are provided below.


It is the responsibility of the student to obtain this number prior to coming to class or submitting a registration direct to the NFA.  We do not require a FEMA SID number on the SC Fire Academy registration form but we provide a NFA application form during the class for you to obtain NFA transcript credit. This is where you will need a FEMA SID number.

  • 1139 Rescue the Rescuer
  • 2113 Fire Service Supervision: Personal Effectiveness
  • 2114 Fire Service Supervision: Team Effectiveness
  • 2117 Introduction to Volunteer Fire Service Management
  • 2118 Preparation for Initial Company Operations
  • 2119 Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations
  • 2121 Decision Making for Initial Company Operations
  • 2130 Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces: Noncombustible and Fire Resistive
  • 2132 Principles of Building Construction: Combustible
  • 2144 Incident Command for High-Rise Operations
  • 2145 Incident Command for Structural Collapse Operations
  • 2147 NIMS/ICS for the Fire Service
  • 2148 Introduction to Unified Command
  • 2150 Incident Safety Officer
  • 2151 Health and Safety Officer
  • 2171 Leadership I: Company Success
  • 2172 Leadership II: Personal Success
  • 2173 Leadership III: Supervisory Success
  • 2175 Managing in a Changing Environment
  • 2176 Shaping the Future
  • 3224 Arson Detection for First Responders
  • 2158 The New Fire Chief I
  • 2159 Politics and the White Helmet

It is a quick and easy process. To get your NFA SID Number, click HERE.

Applications for NFA Courses that do not have a SID will not be processed. 


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