Open Enrollment Academy

Open Enrollment Academy is open online training where you can receive credit through a certificate without having to complete an SC Fire Academy application. Just create an account and prepare to learn.

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Online Class
Emergency Response to Hwy Incidents

Emergency Response to Highway Incidents 
Columbia Firefighter Chance Zobel lost his life while working on a highway in South Carolina. In his memory, the SC Fire Academy, in partnership with the Columbia Fire Dept and the SCDOT, is presenting this online self-paced course; Emergency Response to Highway Incidents. This course provides information all firefighter, officers and responders need while working in and around highways. No registration needed!

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key ERHI 
SC Fire Academy Certificate 
Transcript credit available 
Posted:  September 20, 2013

Driver-Level Online Classes
OEA Emergency Vehicle Response Awareness Emergency Vehicle Response: Awareness
This online course provides emergency vehicle operators, whether career firefighters in small department vehicles or volunteers in privately owned vehicles, the knowledge necessary to safely operate when responding to an emergency. No registration needed!
For more class information, click HERE.

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key EVRA
SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: September 14, 2012

Officer-Level Online Classes
Fire Chief 101


Fire Chief 101
This course answers frequently asked questions and provides important information a fire chief or a chief officer may find useful in their role as a chief. A fire chief typically encounters many problems concerning resources and other issues. Together, this course and the Fire Chief’s Handbook may be invaluable tools for your toolbox. 

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key: FC101#2014 
SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted June 1, 2014

Modern Construction Considerations

ISFSI - Modern Construction Considerations for Company Operations
International Society of Fire Service Instructors Presents: Modern Construction Considerations for Company Officers. This online class is a great introduction to changes in the building construction of building and homes.

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key: ISFSI
SC Fire Academy Certificate
CEU - 0.2
Posted July 11, 2012

Improving Tactical Decision Making

Improving Tactical Decision-Making
This self-study course challenges fire officers to look at tactical decision-making differently. Fires have changed through the years but have our decision-making process? With our national partner, Underwriters Laboratories Knowledge Services, the SC Fire Academy presents this 5-hour course in an easy online format. Several required feedback sections are included to give the fire ground decision-maker the opportunity to reflect on the information. Decide for yourself; science or stories?

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key ITDM
SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: December 10, 2012

ISFSI Thinking  FF

ISFSI - Thinking Firefighters 

ISFSI, in partnership with NIST and the SC Fire Academy studied fire behavior by experimenting with alternative firefighting tactics, and then compared them to tactics commonly used to combat fires in single-family residences in the United States. These training programs summaries their research and extensive literature review, and serves as a resource for company officer throughout the nation. The purpose of this 4-hours course is to create thinking firefighters and to challenge students to evaluate the research, search for more information and address the question: Should we do it different?

Note: When prompted, use enrollment key ISFSIThinkingFF

SC Fire Academy Certificate
Transcript credit available
Posted: August 1, 2013


Online Classes from Our Partners
Hosted on an off-site LMS and will require an additional account creation


Pipeline Emergency Response Training
The National Association of State Fire Marshals is pleased to announce the 2nd Edition of the Pipeline Emergencies curriculum program is now available in an interactive, on-line, and free training portal.

This on-line program has been developed to provide the best possible learning experience for the user and combines that with the “Best in Class” training curriculum Pipeline Emergencies 2nd Edition.  While on-line training certainly isn’t new or unique, this program is designed with the user in mind and to be interactive and engaging.  

National Association of State Fire Marshals issued certificate. 
To create an account on the NASFM site click here.
Updated: Aug 13, 2014

Courage to Be Safe

Online Courage to Be Safe®
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Everyone Goes Home®
Courage to Be Safe is an online training program that challenges the firefighter to think safety in all that they do.

National Fallen Firefighter Foundation issued certificate.
To create an account on the NFFF site click here.
Updated: Mar 08, 2012

Great Online Hazmat Classes

NFA Online

Foundational Concepts of Chemistry (Q228)
The U.S. Fire Administration's (USFA) National Fire Academy (NFA) announces the availability of a new NFA Online course:
Foundational Concepts of Chemistry (Q228).This course will aid the student in mitigation and prevention of, and response to, chemical events
within the community 

USFA certificate upon completion
Posted: June1, 2012


Hydrogen Response Considerations
International Assoc of Fire Chiefs launched its new Electronic Learning Community with this Hazmat course. This course focus is on hydrogen fuels and respose considerations.

IAFC certificate upon completion
Posted: June10, 2012

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