Training Topics

The Training Topics listed below provide a basic high level overview of what the SCFA offers to students.



Introductory level training to begin a career in the Fire Service. Graduates of the Firefighter Series can work in volunteer and career departments.

Specialized training in Hazardous Materials response. Students in our Hazardous Materials courses learn to identify and mitigate potentially dangerous chemical incidents.


Driver Operator:  

These courses give the student an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of operating various types of emergency vehicles used in the fire service.


Inspection & Investigation:  

These courses introduce Firefighters to the many aspects of fire safety inspection and arson investigation.



Prepares graduates to deliver Academy courses within their departments or throughout the state.


Fire Officer: 

These courses prepare firefighters for management responsibilities with the Fire Service.



Specialized training that covers the different types of technical rescue required in the Fire Service. 


Open Courses:

Open Courses are online training where you can receive credit through a certificate without having to complete a SCFA registration.

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