Emergency Vehicle Response: Awareness


The South Carolina Fire Academy’s Online Learning Community is proud to announce
Emergency Vehicle Response: Awareness

Over the past decade, 25 percent of firefighter fatalities occurred in vehicle-related incidents. Many other firefighters were injured.

We must change this trend. This course provides emergency vehicle operators, whether career firefighters in small department vehicles or volunteers in privately owned vehicles, the knowledge necessary to safely operate  when responding to an emergency. In this class, the SC Fire Academy, our insurance partners and national organizations discuss line of duty death (LODD) and injury statistics, state laws and national regulations, as well as best practices for safety and risk control.

This class does not require a registration. Just create an account. If you need an account, click  (HERE). You will need to confirm your account through your email.

No enrollment needed; once you have an account, click the link for the class (HERE) , enter the one time enrollment key, EVRA, and complete the program. It’s that simple.

Your certificate will be e-mailed once you complete the class.

Computer Requirements
Computer requirements Pop-up ad blocking software will disable presentations in your browser. You will need either to disable this software or allow our website (http://scfaonlinetraining.org) the ability allow pop-ups. Most of the modern browsers have a pop-up ad blocker installed as part of the basic browser programming, so you will need to check the browser itself to make sure it is not blocking the use of JavaScript to open a new window. This option is normally found in the Tools menu in the Options folder.
Adobe Flash Required The presentations in this course are published in Adobe Flash. Flash may not be available on some mobile devices.


You Tube Option

You Tube is also used throughout the program. If your department does not support viewing streaming video through You Tube, we provided an optional QuickTime download link for each video segment.

Worried about SC Fire Academy transcript credit?
We have that covered too. If you are a member of the South Carolina emergency response community, credit can be received just by applying for it once you complete the class. A credit link is provided at the end of the class. We encourage all SC responders to apply for credit, as this strengthens our partnership with OSHA.

For more information about this or other online training classes at the SC Fire Academy, contact our online training staff at 803-896-9078 or email us at onlinetrainingsupport@llr.sc.gov.

One firefighter LODD is too much. Let’s change the culture together; we are committed, are you?

Last modified: Friday, 26 October 2012, 6:53 AM